Product announcement: Lumapower MRV SideKick IV/SK 4 XM-L 850 lumens


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The Lumapower MRV SideKick IV (MRV-SK 4) is the most recent and brightest tactical flashlight in the Lumapower product portfolio. Powered by either one 18650 or two 18650 batteries (with the included M65 power extender) the MRV SideKick IV achieve san output of over 850 (750+ OTF) lumens.

Furthermore, the new Lumapower MRV SideKick IV is equipped with a new user interface. Lumapower calls the new user interface (UI) SMART SWITCH, which provides two main modes with several sub modes. MODE A is intended for regular lighting modes, while MODE B contains blinking modes like strobe.

The well-known Turbo Force Head is also planned for the new MRV-SK 4 and will be available in January 2012. The M65 power extender is included, thus the MRV-SK 4 can be used with either 1 x 18650 or 2 x 18650 batteries.

Lumapower MRV SideKick IV will be available at MSITC Shop shortly.